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My research focuses on the interactions between major powers and their protégé states, and the foreign policy implications of these interactions, specifically as they pertain to major power competition, conflict processes among protégé states, and state development. I am also interested in quantitative methods, especially strategies for estimating nonrandom missing data and time-varying parameters.

NSF Grant Project

Modeling Sample Selection for Multi-Level Data Structures (NSF Award #1729244/1728395), with Olga Chyzh and Doug Gibler.


Thies, Cameron G. and Mark David Nieman. 2017. Rising Powers and Foreign Policy Revisionism: Understanding BRICS Identity and Behavior Through Time. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.


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 Dataset: Latent Measure Data CSV Latent Measure Data DTA Latent Measure Read Me

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Under Review

An International Game of Risk: Troop Placement and Major Power Competition (with Carla Martinez Machain, Olga Chyzh, and Sam Bell)

The Effects of Dog-Whistle Politics on Political Violence (with Olga Chyzh and Clayton Webb)

Peaceful Neighborhoods and Democratic Differences (with Douglas M. Gibler)

Leaving the Party: Power Asymmetries and Membership Discontinuity within International Organizations (with Youngwan Kim)

A Watershed Moment: Climate Change and Election Outcomes

Working Papers

Modeling Structural Selection for Disaggregated Events Data (with Olga Chyzh and Douglas M. Gibler)

Explaining Variation in Protester Commitment: Survey Evidence from Ukraine's EuroMaidan, 2013-2014 (with Olga Chyzh).

Putting Together the FDI Puzzle: An Endogenous Model of Foreign Direct Investment, Democracy, Economic Development, and Human Capital